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Established in 1982, Pivar Computing Services enters it's third decade in the conversion services business. We have become identified as the forerunners in the industry due to our state- of-the-art technology, professional staff and innovative programming. We now offer the most complete conversion capabilities in the nation. Format capabilities exceed 5000 different computer systems and 900 software packages. This enables you to convert your data to virtually any computer format, ranging from antiquated word processors to state-of-the-art systems. Our staff of professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality conversions possible, whether you need one disk or an entire system converted.

Phenomenal Capability Growth

When Pivar was established, we were pioneers in the conversion services area.  Since 1982 we have set the pace by offering conversions that meet your needs for both today and the future. Our phenomenal growth to over 5000 different computer systems and 900 software packages encompasses almost all computer formats and software packages. We are committed to continuing this growth and offering you the most innovative conversions available.

Pivar's Conversion Services

Our conversion services capabilities includes conversions to or from:

Magtapes Typesetters
Mini Computers Tape Cartridges
Micro Computers CD-ROMs
Word Processors OCR Scanning

Conversions can be performed from one media to another, including, from tape to disk, disk to tape and disk to disk. Just send us the data you need transferred and we will return the converted data on the new format. It's that simple.

Magtape Conversions

Any 800, 1600 or 6250 BPI 7 or 9 track magtape can be converted to or from over 5000 3 1/2", 5 1/4" and 8 inch disk formats and tape cartridges.

Disk Conversions

We support over 5000 disk formats including 3 1/2", 5 1/4" and 8 inch disk formats. This extensive selection enables you to convert the popular formats as well as many of the more obscure and difficult formats. On word processing conversions, most control codes will be translated. For the complete list of our over 5000 conversion formats, see the attached list.

Tape Cartridge Conversions

As the industry continues to diversify, tape cartridges are gaining popularity as back up systems. Most tape cartridges, however, are incompatible with each other. Converting tape cartridges allows users to keep pace with this growing trend. Pivar leads the industry in tape cartridge conversion services with over 800 different tape cartridge system conversions available.

CD-ROM Conversions

An exciting new area for conversions is CD-ROM. Now you can have your archival data or large data base information transferred to CD-ROM, quickly and economically. We offer very competitive CD- ROM pricing. Call (800) CONVERT for information.

Software Packages

Your data can be supplied in over 900 software packages including Database, Spreadsheet and Word Processing software packages. For the list of software packages available, see the attached list. If you are interested in a package that is not listed, please call (800) CONVERT, as we are continually developing new packages.

Other Services Available

OCR Text Scanning

Optical Character Recognition text scanning services are now available. Typed documents can be transferred to virtually any tape or diskette format accurately and quickly.

Tape Cartridge Recovery

Pivar now offers tape cartridge recovery services. If the data on your hard disk is lost or destroyed and you cannot restore it from your tape back-up, all may not be lost. We will make every effort to resurrect your data from tape for you.

E-mail your files

We have instituted E-mail services that will enable you to send and receive your data via the internet. E-mail us your data, we will convert it and then can return it via E-mail.

Customized Programming

Pivar Computing Services has a staff of expert programmers who can create customized programs to reformat data to any specification needed. Sorting of data and merge-purge capabilities are also available.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Pivar guarantees the confidentiality of the data that you provide. There is limited access to your data and only by qualified personnel. No copies of media are ever retained except when instructed by the client. All printed material and magnetic media will either be returned or destroyed.

One Week Turnaround

One week turnaround time is provided on most jobs. Same day turnaround is also available.


Pivar Computing Services, Inc. guarantees that no copies are ever made except those ordered by the customer.  If any disks or tapes prove defective, Pivar Computing Services, Inc. will recopy at no additional charge, provided media has not been damaged.  It is suggested that any media sent be back-up copies only.  If, for any reason, a copy is destroyed in Pivar Computing Services, Inc's possession, limit of liability will be cost of media.

Call Us At (800) CONVERT

Now there is only one phone number you need to know when it comes to data conversion...(800) CONVERT. You can call us toll free at (800) CONVERT and we are ready to answer all of your conversion needs.

For More Information

Attached you will find our complete list of conversion formats and software packages supported. If you need further information or specific price quotes, please contact us at (800) CONVERT or email us at
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