Brother Disk Conversion Formats

As we enter our 4th decade of conversion services, we are pleased to announce the completion of our 60,000th project.


We provide Brother Disk Conversion from all Brother Word Processors. Below is a list of popular models. If you do not see your model on the list, please contact us anyway, it is likely we can convert them. For cost information, please email with the model number and number of disks. Normal turnaround time is one week or less.


Completed conversions can be emailed to avoid postage costs. If you elect to have your files emailed, we will be happy to hold your disks for up to one month after completion of your project to allow you time to check your files.


BROTHER EM-100                     BROTHER WP-2600Q   

BROTHER EM-1000                    BROTHER WP-2800Q   

BROTHER EM-1050                    BROTHER WP-300CJ   

BROTHER EM-1050D                   BROTHER WP-330MDS  

BROTHER EM-1050DS                  BROTHER WP-335B    

BROTHER EM-2000                    BROTHER WP-3400    

BROTHER EM-2050D                   BROTHER WP-3410    

BROTHER EM-350                     BROTHER WP-3440    

BROTHER EM-350E                    BROTHER WP-350CJ   

BROTHER EM-721FX                   BROTHER WP-3550    

BROTHER EM-811                     BROTHER WP-3600D   

BROTHER EM-811FX                   BROTHER WP-3650D   

BROTHER EM-850FX                   BROTHER WP-3900DS  

BROTHER EZ 3000                    BROTHER WP-500     

BROTHER FB 100                     BROTHER WP-510     

BROTHER FB 300                     BROTHER WP-55      

BROTHER FX-3                       BROTHER WP-5500DS  

BROTHER II                         BROTHER WP-5550MDS+

BROTHER PDP-100J                   BROTHER WP-5600MDS 

BROTHER PDP-300CJ                  BROTHER WP-5750DS  

BROTHER PDP-350CJ                  BROTHER WP-5850MDS 


BROTHER PN-4400                    BROTHER WP-6400J   

BROTHER PN-5700DS                  BROTHER WP-650     

BROTHER PN-8500MDS                 BROTHER WP-6500J   

BROTHER PN-8700MDS                 BROTHER WP-660     

BROTHER PN-8800FXB                 BROTHER WP-660E    


BROTHER WP-1                       BROTHER WP-7000J    

BROTHER WP-100J                    BROTHER WP-700D    

BROTHER WP-1350DS                  BROTHER WP-7400J   

BROTHER WP-1400D                   BROTHER WP-75      

BROTHER WP-1450DS                  BROTHER WP-7500J   

BROTHER WP-1500D                   BROTHER WP-7550J   

BROTHER WP-1600D                   BROTHER WP-760D    

BROTHER WP-1700MDS                 BROTHER WP-760D+   

BROTHER WP-1800                    BROTHER WP-7700CJ  

BROTHER WP-200                     BROTHER WP-7800J   

BROTHER WP-200 STM                 BROTHER WP-80      

BROTHER WP-2200                    BROTHER WP-800MDS  

BROTHER WP-230B                    BROTHER WP-85      

BROTHER WP-2400                    BROTHER WP-90      

BROTHER WP-2410                    BROTHER WP-900MDS  

BROTHER WP-2410DS                  BROTHER WP-95      

BROTHER WP-2450DS                  BROTHER ZX3000     



Confidentiality Guaranteed


Pivar guarantees the confidentiality of the data that you provide. There is limited access to your data and only by qualified personnel. No copies of media are ever retained except when instructed by the client. All printed material and magnetic media will either be returned or destroyed.


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